John Fullerton: Eureka City Council: Vote for: Leadership, Experience, Community Service


CASA Advocate

  • Helped a troubled Eureka Family for several years work their way through the court system.
  • Testified in court a number of times for the children.

Eureka Planning Commission

  • Worked hard to help Eureka businesses add new jobs.

Eureka School Board

  • Helped save the Eureka High Auto Shop and reopen Winship.
  • For 12 years put the needs of Eureka’s children first.

Business owner

  • 33 years in business in Eureka, now with nine employees.
  • Others talk about creating jobs, he’s done it!

Jobs & Economic Development

  • There are some things a City Council can do to help increase jobs in our city.
  • First reduce red tape a business must go through to expand and the costs involved
  • This is where experience on the Eureka Planning Commission can help.

The Homeless

The “Devil’s Playground” was a serious problem that should never have happened. We need to make sure it is never allowed to occur again, anywhere in the city by:

  • Constantly patrolling our greenbelts & water front areas
  • Evicting all illegal campers immediately anywhere they appear.
  • Supporting programs like Betty Chinn’s, Eureka Rescue Mission and others.
  • Expanding the MIST program and the MAC Center


Crime, gangs and drugs have been a problem for years. The problem isn’t going away—we need to:

  • Stabilize the Police Department’s funding. No more cuts to their budget!
  • Expand the Old Town foot patrol officer program to other commercial districts
  • Fully support and expand the Problem Oriented Policing unit (POP)

A Clean Eureka

Supporting the Panhandling Ordinance that just passed.

Staying vigilant to stop all future illegal campgrounds.

Provide community restrooms in our business district for local shoppers & tourists.

A Longtime Volunteer

A history as a volunteer in Eureka that dates back decades.

  • Humboldt Bay Jaycees in the 1970s
  • Exchange Club of Eureka in the 1980s & 1990s
  • Rotary Club in the 2000s
  • Neighborhood Watch last year
  • Community Cleanup day in the Palco Marsh this year

John at Eureka Police Department’s Strategic Planning session at Jefferson Community Center in June.

John at Eureka Police Departments Strategic Planning session at Jefferson Community Center in June.

Member of Community Service Organizations

  • Rotary Club of Eureka
  • Eureka Heritage Society
  • Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation
  • Humboldt Historical Society
  • Eureka Chamber of Commerce (Past Board Member)

A Positive Outlook:

“Let’s not forget all the good things Eureka has to offer. We don’t have the crowds and the noise and pollution of the big
cities but we are big enough to offer more than smaller towns. The ocean, rivers and mountains nearby offer much in the way of recreation. Eureka has the only zoo in California north of San Francisco as well as its own golf course! Our temperate weather is a great advan- tage. I would rather live here than anywhere else!”

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